Smoking Just Right With the Best Propane Smoker

Smoking any type of meat is an art form and nailing this can be tough. Today we are going to guide the light hearted and first time smokers out there through a step by step guide on how to smoke meat with a propane smoker.

A propane smoker means that the smoker is gas powered. This is your first advantage as a cook. Here is some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Find a tray or pan and then line it with a tine foil surrounding. Once you are done with the foil, fill it up with water. The foil will help you with clean up afterwards.
  2. Now find the valve on the smoker and hook it up to your gas tank. Once connected, you can then open the door and light up the burner. If you are having no luck, turn off the gas and let it clear and then try again.
  3. You will then see the flame start up, now you can adjust the temperature for your cook. It’s generally recommended to stick around 250 degrees for a really great slow cook.
  4. Now shut the door and wait about 15 minutes for the smoker to pre-heat to the right temperature. You may want to monitor the vents and chimney to ensure that the right temperature is being reached.
  5. Grab your wood and throw it into the smoker during the pre-heating. You should start to see smoke come from the top at some point during this exercise.
  6. Once it’s reached it’s right temperature, it’s time to add your meat.
  7. For the best propane smoker results be sure to add more wood as you go to keep the smoke coming through. But also occasionally check that your flame has not extinguished as you do not want gas building up.
  8. Once the meat is ready you can not switch off the flame and disconnect the gas. Make sure that you give the smoker a great clean after every cook. That ensures you have the best tasting meat every time.

Once joining the smoker world you will realise how great these babies really are. They are relatively cheap in comparison to their barbecuing counterparts. They are easy to move around and they are a cinch to clean up after you’re done.

We hope this simple guide has helped you prepare for your smoking afternoon of barbecuing and we wish you all the best.

Posted by Craig
at 06:19 PM, Saturday, January 07, 2017

Zero Turn Mower Reviews

January 6th 2017

Here a Project Brainstorm we like to look at all different fields and today want to focus on the range of zero turn mower reviews out there. We will try to break down stand out mowers and not so hot but super cheap models.

Lets start by understand what exactly a zero turn mower is and how it’s advantages in the garden can really help you out. The ZTR are great for their ability to easily navigate around all types of objects at a zero radius. Simply put, it does not need to execute multiple turns in order to cover a circular or odd shaped area. This is great because many gardens out there have many objects in and throughout that make it hard to navigate for most mowers. You will find that a ZTR will complete a mow of a garden with objects faster that a standard ride on mower. Generally both mowers will go at the same speed, but the ZTR mower will simply take less time to mow around the objects.

Now that we know what they are, let’s look at how they differentiate themselves on the market. Generally, the biggest differentiator is the size of the cutting deck. These decks start at around 30 inches and go up and over 80 inches in diameter. With different deck sizes, there will be different engines available as well as other parts to cater for the larger deck. The bigger engines also allow the larger mowers to run a little faster too. Generally you will get about 6-8 miles per hour out of your ZTR mower depending on that engine size. This speed can come in very handy if you have a yard greater than 4 acres, that is a lot of space to cover.

With the differentiation in cutting deck sizes comes the number of blades included on the cutting deck. Generally above 50 inches, you will have an additional blade on top of the standard 2 blades. Although this may sound advantageous, it can possibly lead to uneven cuts on the edges of the cutting deck. So you would need to maintain tight lines when going back and forth in your mowing pattern.

Last but not least are the range of brands on the market. Obviously you have your main players like John Deer, Husqvarna, Prolan and many others. You will find that their products are very similar in design and only really differ from one another in the choice of parts they combine together.

We hope this short guide helps you today in your search for a great ZTR mower and please leave your comments below.

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at 18:13 PM, Friday, January 06, 2017

It has been a long, uneventful night for Officer Hugh Jazz. He was just about to sleep on the job when a sleek silver Porsche flew in front of him in an ungodly speed. Hungry for action like a vegetable steamer waiting on a kitchen benchtop, Officer Jazz chased after the speeding car and demanded for it to pull over. When it complied, Officer Jazz approached the car casually. He leaned on the door and peered at the lady driving.

“Young lady,” Officer Jazz said slowly. “I have been waiting for you for a long, long time.”

The driver quickly answered, speaking fast, “I’m so sorry, Officer. I got here as fast as I could!”

Officer Jazz raised an eyebrow and gave a big laugh. “Do you want to try that again?” he asked.

Tears started streaming down the lady’s eyes. “Officer, I’m not thinking right. You see, I’m in a big hurry because I’m escaping a murder. It was horrific!”

“A murder?!” Officer Jazz stood straight. His night was just about to get a lot more interesting. “Are you the witness to the murder? Do you know the victim?”

The lady cried harder, her words barely audible now. “No, Officer. I’m the murderer!”

Surprised, Officer Jazz took a step back. “Show me your licence!” he demands.

“I don’t have a licence, Sir.”

“Then show me the registration papers of this car,” Officer Jazz commands, his voice getting slightly louder.

“I don’t have them either, Sir. I just stole this car,” the lady revealed. At this point, Officer Jazz is already starting to get frustrated.

“Why are you just telling me all of these freely?” he asked.

“I don’t know, Sir. I’m just really truthful when I’m drunk,” the lady replied.

Officer Jazz commanded her to get out of the car as he’s going to search it. The lady refused saying she’s afraid he’ll find the chopped up body in her trunk. Officer Jazz tells her not to move as he calls for back-up. Not long after, a bunch of other officers search her car and makes her blow into a Breathalyzer.

“Ma’am,” one of them comes up to her and said, “Officer Jazz informed us that you’ve just admitted to a murder and left the body in your trunk, that you’re driving drunk AND without a licence, and are operating a stolen vehicle. But you’re able to provide us with all necessary paperwork to prove otherwise.”

“Yeah,” the lady sneered. “I bet that crazy liar also told you I was over speeding, huh?”

From the Complaints Department

November 6th 2008

Dear the television channel,

I am writing to you to express my anger at the broadcast of your new thriller, ‘The Noose’. At the start of the programme I was advised that the following show would contain scenes of a violent nature. However, prior to that moment I had not received any notification that the warning in question would contain the words: “scenes of a violent nature”.

Naturally, upon hearing this warning I immediately imagined a number of scenes that were so unnecessarily violent that I was shocked and appalled to have seen them before the 10pm watershed. Indeed, they were so sickening that I felt quite unable to watch the programme in question, and so was unable to discover which of the eight atrocities I had been forced to envision was eventually inflicted upon the viewing public.

It is bad enough that there are minds out there who could conjure up such depravity for adult viewing. However, did you ever stop to consider what would have happened if one of my children, who I do not have and am unlikely to be able to conceive, should have also come across this provocative message? They may not have understood the meaning of the warning at all, and I would have been railroaded into describing to them, in painstaking detail, exactly what sort of things they could expect to see in this programme. I think we can agree that this would not be appropriate for a child, nor would it be acceptable for them to be forced to re-enact some of those scenes using hand puppets or miniature Kabuki theatre.

Please begin to take seriously your role as a guardian of children’s innocence.

Your sincerely,

Mrs. Teresa Kimble (Miss)

November 13th 2008

Dear the television channel,

I felt I needed to write again to you about the broadcast of your new thriller, “The Noose”. You attempted to better prepare your audience by including the message, and I quote, “The following warning that tonight’s programme will contain scenes of a violent nature, will contain the words ‘of a violent nature'”, while welcome, was ill-advised and only acerbated the problem. Indeed, the additional warnings you broadcast prior to the show nearly tripled the use of this expression, in that it doubled it.

Perhaps this distinct lack of taste appeals to some individuals, but that can hardly be said of my Sunday school class, who I taped it for. What kind of a station readily shows such objectionable material that could so easily be seen by the children of my Sunday school class?

What is more, there were a several potential violent scenes which did not feature as part of your new thriller, but instead appeared only on exclusive and obscure Internet websites, where they can be easily found by any six members of an over-50s reading group spending an entire weekend searching for them. As the warnings you broadcast before the show could only be seen by those watching the show, do you really think they are sufficient to prepare viewers for scenes of violence that they find elsewhere?

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Teresa Kimble (Miss)

November 21st 2008

Dear the television channel,

I once more felt I needed to write to you about the broadcast of your new thriller, “The Noose”. Last week’s episode, as you know, was heavily edited, leaving only the programme that came on before it, and most of the programme that started after it.

This is the first time I have managed to sit through an entire episode, and I was overwhelmingly struck by how completely violent I imagined it might have been. Despite this, however, there was no warning in advance of the grisly images that were not broadcast. As a consequence, I am sure there were many viewers who tuned in to this programme, only to find themselves unwittingly watching where a barbaric and grotesque plot twist would have occured.

How can anyone manage to explain to their children that the thing that they didn’t just see was only make-believe? How can a child learn to tell the difference between what didn’t happen on television, and what isn’t there in real life?

Yours sincerely

Mrs Teresa Kimble (Miss)

Breaking News: Gay Bishops Break From Anglican Church Over Tolerance Towards Conservatives 

A group of Anglican bishops has today declared it’s decision to form an independent alliance, seperate from the Church’s traditional authority, as part of the ongoing row over the Church’s continual tolerance of conservatives.

The group, called the Furthering Anglicanism General Conference – or FAGCon – comprises clergy who support a progressive interpretation of the Bible, and as such are gay, or in some cases, well gay. The real impetus for the split appears to have be the ordination of the first openly conservative bishop, in 1534.

The split comes only days after traditionalists broke off ties with the more liberal wings of the Church over a long-standing dispute over its teaching of a “false gospel” based around tolerance and equality. There are a number of areas, conservatives Anglicans feel are misrepresented in the modern Church. Most attention, however, has focused on the Biblical teachings about homosexuality, especially where this homosexuality is gay, or even well gay. Conservatives believe the Bible rules out active homosexuality, though its position on passive homosexuality – such as wearing a sports top with your own name on it or using the word “banter” as a noun – is unclear.

They are keen to stress they are not orthodoxaphobic, but rather are concerned with the conservative agenda the Church has recently taken since the abolition of the monastries. Among some of the points causing the rift is the conservative belief that Anglicans should follow a universal doctrine. Gay and well gay Anglicans reject this notion, and hope to restore an acceptance of differing personal worship to all followers without exception. Conservative Anglicans believe that to be an Anglican involves sharing a single common doctrine, as no follower has the right to take unilateral decisions seperate from that consensus, and are willing to split the church in two to achieve it.

The two schisms this week could mean the Anglican Communion now has a much smaller body of clergy – indeed, if it were to comprise all the non-gay, non-conservative members, it would be exactly the size of Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, much like the traditionalists, the group insist they are not leaving the Anglican Communion, but that they will no longer recognise the authority of the Dr Williams, who they have criticised for failing to discipline churches for not being women, or even well women.