Smoking Just Right With the Best Propane Smoker

Smoking any type of meat is an art form and nailing this can be tough. Today we are going to guide the light hearted and first time smokers out there through a step by step guide on how to smoke meat with a propane smoker.

A propane smoker means that the smoker is gas powered. This is your first advantage as a cook. Here is some simple steps to get you started:

  1. Find a tray or pan and then line it with a tine foil surrounding. Once you are done with the foil, fill it up with water. The foil will help you with clean up afterwards.
  2. Now find the valve on the smoker and hook it up to your gas tank. Once connected, you can then open the door and light up the burner. If you are having no luck, turn off the gas and let it clear and then try again.
  3. You will then see the flame start up, now you can adjust the temperature for your cook. It’s generally recommended to stick around 250 degrees for a really great slow cook.
  4. Now shut the door and wait about 15 minutes for the smoker to pre-heat to the right temperature. You may want to monitor the vents and chimney to ensure that the right temperature is being reached.
  5. Grab your wood and throw it into the smoker during the pre-heating. You should start to see smoke come from the top at some point during this exercise.
  6. Once it’s reached it’s right temperature, it’s time to add your meat.
  7. For the best propane smoker results be sure to add more wood as you go to keep the smoke coming through. But also occasionally check that your flame has not extinguished as you do not want gas building up.
  8. Once the meat is ready you can not switch off the flame and disconnect the gas. Make sure that you give the smoker a great clean after every cook. That ensures you have the best tasting meat every time.

Once joining the smoker world you will realise how great these babies really are. They are relatively cheap in comparison to their barbecuing counterparts. They are easy to move around and they are a cinch to clean up after you’re done.

We hope this simple guide has helped you prepare for your smoking afternoon of barbecuing and we wish you all the best.

Posted by Craig
at 06:19 PM, Saturday, January 07, 2017