Zero Turn Mower Reviews

January 6th 2017

Here a Project Brainstorm we like to look at all different fields and today want to focus on the range of zero turn mower reviews out there. We will try to break down stand out mowers and not so hot but super cheap models.

Lets start by understand what exactly a zero turn mower is and how it’s advantages in the garden can really help you out. The ZTR are great for their ability to easily navigate around all types of objects at a zero radius. Simply put, it does not need to execute multiple turns in order to cover a circular or odd shaped area. This is great because many gardens out there have many objects in and throughout that make it hard to navigate for most mowers. You will find that a ZTR will complete a mow of a garden with objects faster that a standard ride on mower. Generally both mowers will go at the same speed, but the ZTR mower will simply take less time to mow around the objects.

Now that we know what they are, let’s look at how they differentiate themselves on the market. Generally, the biggest differentiator is the size of the cutting deck. These decks start at around 30 inches and go up and over 80 inches in diameter. With different deck sizes, there will be different engines available as well as other parts to cater for the larger deck. The bigger engines also allow the larger mowers to run a little faster too. Generally you will get about 6-8 miles per hour out of your ZTR mower depending on that engine size. This speed can come in very handy if you have a yard greater than 4 acres, that is a lot of space to cover.

With the differentiation in cutting deck sizes comes the number of blades included on the cutting deck. Generally above 50 inches, you will have an additional blade on top of the standard 2 blades. Although this may sound advantageous, it can possibly lead to uneven cuts on the edges of the cutting deck. So you would need to maintain tight lines when going back and forth in your mowing pattern.

Last but not least are the range of brands on the market. Obviously you have your main players like John Deer, Husqvarna, Prolan and many others. You will find that their products are very similar in design and only really differ from one another in the choice of parts they combine together.

We hope this short guide helps you today in your search for a great ZTR mower and please leave your comments below.

Posted by Craig
at 18:13 PM, Friday, January 06, 2017